Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Rich Aren't The Only Wealth Creators. YOU Are A #WealthCreator.

YOU, yes, you who are reading this blog, you are a wealth creator.

Whether you are a corporate CEO or an investor, a street sweeper, an unemployed person on welfare, or a hobo looking for the next pair of shoes, or a kid eating Cheetos in their parents' basement while playing Call of Duty... you are a wealth creator. You are a job creator.

You are a wealth creator if:

  • You are a garbage collector by day and a NFL fan by night. You probably hired some NFL-sponsored vendor to provide you with all those memorabilia, right? Congratulations! You just created wealth. If you didn't exist, there would be no advertisers around to pay the TV network to broadcast the game. 
  • Are you a fast food worker? Then you are a wealth creator. You made money for your employer today. A lot of it, in fact.
  • You get a check from the welfare department and you go out and buy food. You just hired a grocery store to deliver food to you. You also hired a farmer to make the food for you. You just created a job for the cashiers, stockers and janitors who work in the grocery store, too.
  • You took a shower today. That means you hired someone to provide you potable water via the local utility company.
  • You eat Cheetos in the basement while playing Call of Duty. You paid the makers of Cheetos to provide you with a snack and you paid the makers of Call of Duty to make the game and sell it to you.
  • Are you a nurse? Then you are a wealth creator. You just nursed someone back to health so they can go out and buy something and thus be a job creator.
  • You got a headache. That means you'll be hiring someone to make headache medicine for you. And someone else just got hired to sell it to you.
  • You are a homeless person eating at the soup kitchen. Perhaps the food was served to you for free, but the farmers who made the food didn't do it for free. Again, more wealth has been created.
  • You are an NBA fan. If you attended the game in person, you hired that star basketball player to entertain you. You are a job creator! And the owner of that basketball team knows you are a wealth creator or else s/he wouldn't be trying to get you into the stadium!
  • You got injured at a soccer game. You'll be hiring emergency room staff to heal you. Unfortunately, you just created a job.
  • You drove to work, or drove around looking for work. You hired someone to provide you with gasoline. Wealth creation successful!
  • Your car had a flat tire. You're hiring someone to make new tires for you, and perhaps to also install them.
  • If you run your own little garden, you are creating wealth. Either for yourself or others who buy your vegetables.
  • You're reading this blog. You hired an internet service provider to get you online, you hired a computer manufacturer to make the computing device you're browsing with, and so on. Lots of jobs and wealth are created just by you sitting right there in front of that screen.

Now here's a scary fact about job creation! Even if you are a criminal, you are a job creator. You just hired a cop to chase you down.

Without people like you - that's you reading this blog - there would be no jobs, because there would be no demand for anything. No grocery store clerk, no police officer, no bank CEO. Without you, there are no jobs, and no wealth whatsoever.

See how that works? It's called the cycle of life, it's called the food chain, in the economics sense of the word. We're all dependent upon each other. You can't impoverish and punish the working class and expect wealth to keep being created.

Just as surely as you owe the CEOs for your job and wealth, they owe you, too.

Remember that, and never forget it.

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